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Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
21. 2. 2018 21. 2. 2018 26. 4. 2018 2x
An ECSEL Research and Innovation Action (RIA) primarily consists of activities aiming to establish new knowledge and/or to explore the feasibility of a new or improved technology, product, process, service, method, tool or solution. For this purpose they may include applied research, technology development and/or method/tool and integration, testing and validation on a small-scale prototype in ...

Clean Sky 2 Call for Proposals 07

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
8. 11. 2017 21. 2. 2018 27. 2. 2018 72x
Release 3 of the Questions and Answers document was published in the additional documents part (inside each topic section) on 26 January 2018. . Release 2 of the Questions and Answers document was published in the additional documents part (inside each topic section) on 15 December 2017. . On 30th November a new release of the CFP07 Call text presenting the full and formal description of topics...



Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 21. 2. 2018 28. 8. 2018 4x
Within the next decade cybersecurity and privacy technologies should become complementary enablers of the EU digital economy, ensuring a trusted networked ICT environment for governments, businesses and individuals. The EU ambition is to become a world leader in secure digital economy. The compliance of the European infrastructures, products and services with relevant directives/regulations (e....

Call for proposals to support awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in selected third-countries

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
12. 12. 2017 21. 2. 2018 5. 4. 2018 1x
As underlined in the most recent Commission Communication on the Delivery of the European Agenda on Migration [1] an EU strategic communication approach needs to be developed, incorporating the already on-going and future EU and Member State awareness raising and information campaigns, to increase potential migrants' capacity to make decisions in their best interests and to reduce the demand fo...

Call for projects on Environmental Crime

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Internal Security Fund Police
14. 11. 2017 21. 2. 2018 28. 2. 2018 1x
The objective of the Call for Proposals is to boost the operational activities of the law enforcement via training of competent authorities with regard to: fight against wildlife trafficking, forest crime and other forms of wildlife crime; fight against trafficking in illicit waste; and any other type of environmental crime. Questions and Answers have been published. You can find them under 'To...