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Digital transformation in Health and Care

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 12. 6. 2018 24. 4. 2019 13x
This call aims at supporting the management of health and wellbeing while empowering the participation of citizens and facilitating the transformation of health and care services to more digitised, person-centred and community-based care models, thereby enabling better access to healthcare and the sustainability of health and care systems. It is relevant to the Commission priorities 'A new boos...

Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - Low Carbon Hospital

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
5. 7. 2016 12. 6. 2018 3. 4. 2019 1x
Scene setter The integration and use of renewable energy in buildings for heat and power generation still encounter unsolved technological problems linked to the security and reliability of energy supply and related costs. Partly, it is due the intermittency of some renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind. The difficulty is even greater in cases where a 100% security of energy supply is...

Co-financing of Consortia for Public Procurement of Innovation

Mezinárodní Evropská komise COSME
18. 6. 2018 12. 6. 2018 11. 12. 2018 1x
Public Procurement represents approximately 14% of the EU GDP. However, less than half of this budget is purchased from SMEs. Public procurement of innovation (PPI) broadly refers to any public procurement that has one or both of the following aspects: - buying the process of innovation; - buying the outcomes of innovation. Public procurement of innovation may commence with research and deve...


Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 12. 6. 2018 6. 9. 2018 61x
This call includes the contribution of the Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge "Secure, clean and efficient energy" to the focus area "Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future" which underpins the goals of the Paris Agreement and the "Clean Energy for all European" package, including the Communication "Accelerating Clean Energy Innovation" (COM (2016) 736) and the SET-Plan priorities, with c...


Information and Communication Technologies

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 12. 6. 2018 28. 3. 2019 35x
It is expected that this call will continue in 2020. Drawing on the success of actions of previous work programmes leveraging cascading grants to enable agility and reach out to new or key actors in the innovation chain (such as SMEs and mid-caps) not necessarily involved in standard EU R&I projects, part of the budget allocated to several actions of the Next Generation Internet topics will be ...



Národní Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýcho... Podpora mobility výzkumných pracovníků a p...
27. 4. 2018 30. 6. 2018
Stav veřejné soutěže: vyhlášená, Typ veřejné soutěže podle určení účelových prostředků: N - Nový předmět soutěže, Soutěžní rok: 2018, Datum vyhlášení výsledků: 31.12.2018, Předpokládaný termín zahájení poskytování podpory projektů: 01.01.2019, Předpokládaný poslední rok poskytnutí účelové podpory: 2020, Způsob podání přihlášky: Příjemce předkládá návrh v jednom formátu – elektronickém. Návrhy a...

Demonstrating the role of Research Infrastructures in the translation of Open Science into Open Innovation

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 12. 6. 2018 29. 1. 2019 2x
This call will foster the innovation potential of research infrastructures by increasing the involvement of industry (including SMEs) in the development of research infrastructures, and making industry more aware of the opportunities offered by research infrastructure to improve their products, e.g. as experimental test facilities, innovation hubs, knowledge-based centres. By working with resea...