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Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 30. 11. 2017 23. 1. 2018 19x
The purpose of this call is to further strengthen the global leadership of Europe’s industry in environmental sustainability, through a combination of mature and disruptive technologies. Success will be seen in making measurable contributions to identified sustainable development goals. This call contributes to the focus area 'Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy' ...

Support to policy and international cooperation

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 30. 11. 2017 20. 3. 2019 1x
This call will reinforce European research infrastructures policy and international cooperation. Pooling and sharing of resources at European level requires the development of well defined policies and agreed mechanisms of cooperation and assessment. The global dimension of the scientific challenges addressed by European research infrastructures makes increasingly relevant their international c...

FET FLAGSHIPS – Tackling grand interdisciplinary science and technology challenges

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 10. 2017 30. 11. 2017 20. 2. 2018 3x
FET Flagships tackle grand Science and Technology challenges expected to result in 'game changing' impacts on economy and society, benefitting European citizens and paving the way for global technological and industrial leadership. Because of their ambition, their scale and their interdisciplinary nature, FET Flagships can only be realised through a long-term and sustained effort at European le...

Příspěvky na mobilitu v roce 2017

Mezinárodní Česko-bavorská vysokoškolská agentura Příspěvky na mobilitu
31. 12. 2017
Podání žádosti: možné průběžně (dokud budou k dispozici finanční prostředky)

Horizon Prize for Social Innovation in Europe

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
27. 11. 2017 30. 11. 2017 28. 2. 2019 1x
The aim of the prize is to improve the mobility of older people by providing innovative mobility solutions. While the main target group is the elderly (aged 65+), the solutions developed in the context of this contest may also be beneficial to other parts of the population, such as people with reduced mobility. This inducement prize requires applicants to demonstrate that their solution was imp...

Call for proposals for Reinforcing Counter-Terrorism Financing

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Internal Security Fund Police
18. 10. 2017 30. 11. 2017 6. 3. 2018 1x
The objective is to make sure that efforts of private and competent authorities are adapted to the new modus operandi of terrorist groups; reinforce action of private entities and public authorities to prevent and pursue terrorism financing by increasing the understanding of the phenomenon by use of best practice and/or new tools. There is an update of the Call document: the maximum project dur...

Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - PHOTOVOLTAICS MEETS HISTORY

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
5. 7. 2016 30. 11. 2017 26. 9. 2018 1x
Scene setter In Europe, architectural and planning rules for protected historic buildings lead to major technical constrains in integrating renewable energy such as photovoltaic. These problems call for innovative and creative solutions for building integrated photovoltaics that must combine technology with the artistic and cultural heritage of a city/district. This inducement prize will reward...