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For a better innovation support to SMEs

Mezinárodní Evropská komise Horizon 2020
14. 10. 2015 12. 6. 2018 18. 10. 2017 8x H2020-INNOSUP-2016-2017 Odkaz na výzvu OPEN
Small, innovative companies create the majority of new jobs in the European economy. A strong rationale exists for public support to SMEs’ innovation activities in order to overcome market failures specific to SMEs and to fully realise their growth potential. The public supports ‘SME innovation’ with grants, subsidised loans, equity and a wide range of innovation support services. However, SMEs receiving innovation support often remain dissatisfied with the services they receive; while at the same time the public expects a higher return from the support provided. The nature of innovation is changing: open data, open software, open hardware design and crowd-funding make it easier and cheaper to start enterprises with limited own resources – but the challenge arises from scaling these initial offerings to create growth and jobs. Social innovation is required at the interface between public services and private enterprise to maintain the high standard and security of living in Europe. While small enterprises face challenges in recruiting talent - among others as a result of increased mobility – researchers have problems pursuing academic careers and work below their qualifications. As the nature and environment for innovation changes the public innovation support has not only to follow those developments but also become proactive in shaping them. The following call for proposal is one element of a broader action to develop the ecosystem of innovation support to SMEs in Europe. Where appropriate, a highly specialised support service may be established at European level to complement existing national and regional services. Generally, the actions are designed to provide opportunities to Member States and regions to enhance their services through collaboration, peer-learning and uptake of new approaches. In the work programme 2016-17 emphasis is put on testing three new approaches to a better innovation support in large pilot actions that should deliver results in time for the start of discussion on the next framework programme for research and innovation. The Enterprise Europe Network, present in all European regions and co-financed by them, the National Contact Points (NCPs) and the Member States are expected to play an important role in implementing these pilot actions and transferring the result 'in-real-time' to their regions. INNOSUP-01-2016-2017 - at the closing of stage 1 (4th April 2017- 17:00:00), a total of 73 proposals were submitted in response to this call. H2020-INNOSUP-02-2016 SME Innovation Associate - at the closing date (30 June 2016 17:00:00 BLT), a total of 192 proposals were submitted in response to this call.   INNOSUP-01-2016-2017 - at the closing of stage 1 (6 April 2016 17:00:00), a total of 97 proposals were submitted in response to this call. INNOSUP-02-2016- SME Innovation Associate: essential tips to applicants were published. INNOSUP-02-2016: Additional Information for Applicants are published on the H2020 SME Innovation Associate webpage