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Horizon Prize – Low Carbon Energy Inducement Prizes 2016 - CO2 REUSE

Mezinárodní EU Evropská komise Horizon 2020
4. 7. 2016 4. 7. 2016 3. 4. 2019 1x H2020-LCE-Prizes-2016-03 Odkaz na výzvu CLOSED
Scene setter Preventing dangerous climate change is a key priority for the European Union (EU). The EU is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Europe is working hard to cut its greenhouse gas emissions substantially while encouraging other nations and regions to do likewise. The EU has adopted a robust set of policies to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and low carbon technologies such as carbon dioxide capture and storage. Carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) technologies can also play a role in delivering Europe’s climate change objectives, by using anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) as a feedstock in making industrial and consumer products, such as chemicals, building materials and substitute fuels. This can reduce emissions to the atmosphere, replace fossil-based feedstocks and products, and support renewable energy deployment through energy storage techniques. CDU technologies can also drive industrial innovation and contribute towards the circular economy by converting what was previously waste to useful material. More effort is needed to enhance and realise the potential of these technologies. The objective of this prize is to enhance the CO2 emission reduction of CO2 utilisation products so they make a genuine contribution to the European Union’s emission reduction targets.